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Key Skills in Original Writing

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Key Skills in Original Writing


Key Skills in Original Writing

Key Skills in Original Writing looks at the things students need to consider to make sure their writing is suitable for the specific audience and purpose for which it is intended.

The workbook looks at the sort of features writers use to meet the conventions of the genre they have chosen when they are writing to entertain; writing to instruct, inform or persuade; and the importance of planning and drafting to ensure their writing is fit for purpose. If you buy a multi-user licence you can share the book with colleagues in your school, college or organisation to use with the students they teach within that institution.

Studying examples of the sort of writing they are trying to emulate will help students learn about different styles of writing and form the basis for successful study in GCE English language; giving a solid foundation for creating original pieces of writing. The workbook can be used as a whole or to consolidate skills in particular areas. It can be used as a teaching resource or as an independent study aid.

A single-user download allows you to use the material in your own teaching only. Read our full Licensing Terms & Conditions here.


Author: Kitty Graham

Format: PDF

Page extent: 143 pages


About the author

NEC works with recognised leaders in the field of education and training, to develop resources designed and written by experienced authors who are also qualified subject experts.

Kitty Graham gained an MA in English Language and Literature from Oxford University and began her working life as an editor and a student counsellor. As an English teacher and writer and author of numerous learning guides, Kitty launched A level English Language at a large Yorkshire sixth form college and coordiated it for some years.

Product description

This workbook is divided into three topics. Each topic includes a topic introduction providing an overview of what is covered by the topic, a set of objectives outlining what students should be able to do at the end of the topic; activities to check understanding; self checks to assess progress; summary of the most important content covered by the topic.


About this workbook

Workbooks and topics

Preparing yourself to study

Background reading

Information about your course

Presentation of work


Synoptic skills

Advice on completing assignments

Useful information and resources

Topic 1 - Writing to entertain


The well made plot

The frameworks of fiction

Vladimir Propp

Narrative perspective


Writing a dramatic monologue


Topic 2 - Writing to instruct, inform and persuade


Writing to instruct

Writing to inform

Writing to persuade


Topic 3 - Planning, drafting and evaluating your writing


Deciding what sort of text to write


Drafting and redrafting

Writing commentaries


Text extracts

Feedback to self-checks


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