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AQA Human Rights (A level Law)

National Extension College

AQA Human Rights (A level Law)


AQA Human Rights (A level Law)

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This book covers human rights for AQA A level Law and an introduction to the nature of law. Fully updated with recent cases and laws it is designed to help all students to understand the subject.


Author:                Sally Russell LLB(Hons), PGCE

Edition:                Published 2018

Format:                PDF

Page extent:       154 pages


About the author

NEC works with recognised leaders in the field of education and training, to develop resources designed and written by experienced authors who are also qualified subject experts.

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Product description

This book includes tasks and self-test questions; key cases with key principles highlighted; examples to bring the law to life; links between the law and the English legal system/nature of law; summaries with diagrams of the main points of each area; examination pointers; examination guidance and question practice


Things you need to know and links to other areas

Chapter 1

Rules and theory in human rights law

Chapter 2

A brief history of the development of human rights in Europe

Chapter 3

Rights and restrictions under Articles 2 and 5 of the EHCR

Chapter 4

Rights and restrictions under Articles 8, 10 and 11 of the EHCR

Chapter 5

Provisions of English law which impact on Articles 8, 10 and 11

Chapter 6

Balancing the rights and enforcement

Chapter 7

Criticisms of human rights in the UK and proposals for reform

Chapter 8

Revision and examination practice

Appendix: Abbreviations


Index of cases


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