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About NEC

The National Extension College (NEC) has a long track record of developing open and distance learning resources that can save you time and enable your students to benefit from a proven, activity-based approach to learning, developed over many years.

Five reasons to choose NEC:

The leading experts in lifelong learning

NEC was established in 1963 as a pilot for the Open University. We are an educational charity committed to learning for everyone at every stage in their lives and we campaign to keep access to lifelong learning open for all.

The highest quality resources

Save valuable time. There’s no need to develop your own material, as NEC’s high-quality learning resources have been carefully designed to provide engaging content that develops interest in the subject.

The most successful approach to learning

Our resources provide a proven activity-based approach to learning developed over many years, to support learning needs and develop study skills that prepare students for higher education and employment.

The most dedicated staff and authors

Over 50 years helping people of all ages and backgrounds to access learning material that provides life changing learning. NEC’s materials are designed and written by experienced authors who are qualified subject experts and have contributed their knowledge and academic expertise.

The greatest flexibility for using teaching resources

Use the entire content or just the parts you need, for face-to-face teaching, small group work, revision support or home study, to build your students’ knowledge and skills.

NEC also offers education opportunities and second-chance learning to individuals for whom attending regular classes at school or college would not be possible. See

The National Extension College (NEC) values your privacy and the personal information you provide in order to purchase our resources. Our Privacy Policy and Transparency Statement explains what information The National Extension College collects about you and what we may do with that information.