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As part of our commitment to those affected by the impact of the coronavirus, and in an effort to help support parents, teachers and students during this difficult time, we are making the learning materials available from our Resources Webstore free to download to the public using the discount code NECFREERESOURCES.

Further information on how to access the resources is provided in the following PDF document:


The National Extension College (NEC) has a long track record of developing open and distance learning resources that can save you time and enable your students to benefit from a proven, activity-based approach to learning, developed over many years.

Why NEC?

  • The leading experts in lifelong learning
  • The highest quality resources
  • The most successful approach to learning
  • The most dedicated staff and authors
  • The greatest flexibility for using teaching resources

NEC also offers education opportunities and second-chance learning to individuals for whom attending regular classes at school or college would not be possible. See