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How to Learn a Language

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How to Learn a Language


How to Learn a Language

How to Learn a Language is not language specific so it can be used by learners embarking on a course in any foreign language. The material introduces them to many of the key skills they’ll need to learn a language effectively and efficiently and provides them with ideas and study techniques. It includes basic information about how languages operate, gives practical study tips and hints, and develops learners’ awareness of how they learn best. The material can be used with learners whether they know a little of the language already, or whether they are learning a new language from scratch. If you buy a multi-user licence you can share the book with colleagues in your school, college or organisation to use with the students they teach within that institution.

Since How to Learn a Language was first published it has helped many learners to develop their language learning skills. This popular text provides a valuable resource that can help to save time for tutors and trainers looking to develop their students’ study skills and techniques. Use the entire contents of the workbook or only the topics you need, for face-to-face teaching with your students, or as revision support or a home study aid.  

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Author:                Vicky Hollet

Edition:                This edition first published 1993

Format:                PDF

Page extent:        85 pages


About the author

NEC works with recognised leaders in the field of education and training, to develop resources designed and written by experienced authors who are also qualified subject experts.

Product description

This workbook is divided into eight units. Each unit includes a set of objectives outlining what students should learn from the unit; activities to help achieve the objectives; authors’ comments providing feedback and ideas; summary of what students have learnt and how they may put their learning into practice.

For Teachers and Lecturers




Section 1 – Setting goals

Setting realistic objectives for your course

Section 2 – Preparing to learn

Organising your studies from the outset

Section 3 – Memory

Memorising language efficiently

Section 4 – Listening and reading

Developing efficient listening and reading skills

Section 5 – Writing and speaking

Expressing your ideas clearly and fluently

Section 6 – Learning grammar

Understanding what grammar is and how it can be learnt

Section 7 – Learning vocabulary

Developing efficient techniques for learning vocabulary

Section 8 – Maintaining progress

Planning, organising and reviewing your studies on a regular basis

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