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How to Learn Maths

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How to Learn Maths


How to Learn Maths

How to Learn Maths develops the key skills needed to understand this important subject, by providing an insight into the process of learning maths. It contains a series of diagnostic activities to help learners at all levels acquire a coherent range of skills to study maths successfully, and also includes a ‘check your maths’ quiz. Topics covered include problem-solving techniques, helpful methods, and building and learning. If you buy a multi-user licence you can share the book with colleagues in your school, college or organisation to use with the students they teach within that institution.

Since How to Learn Maths was first published it has helped many learners to develop their maths skills. This popular text provides a valuable resource that can help to save time for tutors and trainers looking to develop their students’ skills. Use the entire contents of the workbook or only the topics you need, for face-to-face teaching with your students, or as revision support or a home study aid.  

A single-user download allows you to use the material in your own teaching only. Read our full Licensing Terms & Conditions here.

Author:             Richard Freeman

Edition:             This edition first published 1994

Format:             PDF, A4

Page extent      150 pages 

About the author

NEC works with recognised leaders in the field of education and training, to develop resources designed and written by experienced authors who are also qualified subject experts.

Product description

This workbook is divided into six parts, to teach students how to learn maths. It contains ideas and methods which can be used in most areas of maths.


Who this book is for

How this book started

How to use this book

The nature of the book

Use the ideas

What you can expect from the book

The six parts

Where to start

Part 1 – What is maths?

Maths is pattern

Maths is number

Maths is logic

Part 2 – How is your maths?

Check your maths skills – the quiz

Part 3 – Helpful methods

Draw a diagram


Testing your answer

Algebra through pictures

Setting up equations

Writing maths

Concrete thinking

What is proof?


Part 4 – Building-block topics

The number line

More about negatives and subtraction







Part 5 – Problem-solving techniques

Look for a simpler problem

Find a related problem

Consider a special case

Test extreme cases

Use all the information

Redundant information

Working backwards

Part 6 – Learning

How to practise maths

Understanding versus memory

Recognising a problem pattern

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