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Pure Maths at A level: Integration

National Extension College

Pure Maths at A level: Integration

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Pure Maths at A level: Integration is a resource designed to help with the study and teaching of integration at A level.

One of the most fundamental and diverse topics in A level Maths, knowledge of integration is vital to success in this subject. This resource covers a range of integration-related topics, including: 

  • How integration works
  • Finding areas between curves and lines
  • Finding points of intersection
  • Using integration with linear and rational functions
  • Integrating by parts and by substitution

This resource also contains practice questions and summary exercises that students can use to test their knowledge and see what areas they need to work on. 

Developed by subject experts, these resources and teaching materials are specifically designed to meet awarding body specifications to help students prepare for exams. NEC works alongside teachers and examiners to ensure that information is accurate and up to date. 

This resource is adapted from our A level Maths course - which means it is designed for self-study. Therefore, it is understandable, affordable and easy-to-use, whether you’re a teacher, a home educator, or a student yourself. It can be used as a short- or long-term solution to fill gaps in knowledge. 

This product comes in the form of a downloadable PDF, which means it can be viewed offline. 

Topic: Integration

Subject: Maths

Level: A level

Awarding body: Pearson Edexcel

Learning hours: 15-18

Page count: 103

This topic is part of the Pure Maths section of A level Maths.

See the full course here.

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