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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

National Extension College

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

This book is intended for anyone who needs to build up their skills, understanding or confidence in spelling, punctuation or grammar. If you buy a multi-user licence you can share the book with colleagues in your school, college or organisation to use with the students they teach within that institution. 

Aimed particularly at students who are studying subjects on which they may be examined, a student working towards a GCSE will find the material relevant and accessible, but any of the topics could prove useful to more advanced learners up to A level and even degree level too. The book can also be used for learners in the workplace where skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar are equally important for reports and other written communication. The topics assume a broad, basic grasp of the English language.

NEC produced this resource because it wanted to see its own students achieve the best possible results from their studies. The topics have been written with the same care which NEC pays to all its subject-based resources, in a way that can effectively develop skills, understanding and confidence, and provide a valuable resource that can help to save time for tutors and trainers looking to develop their students’ spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. Use the entire contents of the workbook or only the topics you need, for face-to-face teaching with your students, or as revision support or a home study aid. 

A single-user download allows you to use the material in your own teaching only. Read the full Licensing Terms & Conditions here.

Edition:                 Published 2013

Format:                 PDF, A4

Page extent:        160 pages 

About the authors

NEC works with recognised leaders in the field of education and training, to develop resources designed and written by experienced authors who are also qualified subject experts.

Product description

This workbook is divided into the following sections each containing a number of relevant topics. Each topic includes a statement explaining how the topic can help the learner; introduction to the topic; examples of good practice; activities to put understanding of the topic in to practice; comments to help develop confidence in what is being learnt; suggestions for how to carry on learning after finishing a topic. 




Help with spelling diagnostic

Spelling – Help with spelling

Spelling with double letters

Spelling words ending in ‘y’

Spelling words with problem beginnings and endings

Spelling words with silent letters

Spelling words with ‘e’ sounds

Spelling words whose sounds are misleading

Confusing letters

Spelling technical words

Help with spelling index


Help with punctuation diagnostic

Punctuation – Help with punctuation

An introduction to punctuation

Punctuating sentences

Getting to grips with commas

Using apostrophes

Using semi-colons, dashes and colons

Punctuating extended writing

Help with punctuation index


Help with grammar diagnostic

Grammar – Help with grammar

Starting out

Understanding grammatical terms

Avoiding common pitfalls

Writing precisely

Choosing the right word from a pair

Being consistent

Using verbs correctly

Getting more grammar practice

Help with grammar index

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